kemper county, mississippi power plant

For the past two years, the Sierra Club has fought the completion of one of our nation’s most state-of-the-art power plants.

WHY? Well, it certainly isn’t because of the environmental impact!

The Kemper County plant just north of Meridian, Mississippi, would produce fewer emissions than even a typical natural gas power plant and uses recycled municipal wastewater for an even smaller eco-footprint.

Is it the cost? The Sierra Club might claim so, but the organization has a consistent track record of placing environmental benefits over consumer concerns.

In fact, the Sierra Club’s obstruction of the Kemper County facility isn’t saving Mississippians anything. It’s actually costing them about $500 million by holding up its progress. That’s money straight from the pockets of working people, including thousands of rural cooperative customers, thanks to the Sierra Club’s generous activism.

The Real Reason

The Sierra Club opposes the Kemper County facility, and other similar projects, is more fundamental: They simply want America’s energy options to be less abundant and more expensive.

But Wait! There’s More.

The Sierra Club is also currently monitoring two other coal-related facilities in Mississippi. They will not stop until they force the closure of all coal-fired power.

Sierra Club Coal Plant List