Coal Jobs Count: Miners Fight Back in War on Coal

In recent months, PACE has continued to detail national developments in the War on Coal, from federal regulations that shut down coal-fired generation to activism that seeks to stop coal mining and transportation. These efforts have drawn strong reactions from those who work in the coal industry, with at least one organization fighting back. In the video below, Daryl Dewberry, International Vice-President of United Mine Workers District 20, shares his concerns with policy makers about what is happening in Alabama. The video is part of a new campaign from Coal Jobs Count.

Last September, PACE reported on new regulations from the Obama Administration that would effectively end the new construction of coal-fired power capacity in the United States.

“The Obama administration has been waging a war on coal and Kentucky jobs ever since the president was elected,” reacted U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at the time. “If these reports are accurate, his latest proposal is not only an open war on coal jobs, but on all the residents, jobs, and businesses across the commonwealth that rely on this vital industry.”

PACE has also written about the “vertically integrated war on coal,” in which environmental advocates support rules at every stage of coal’s life cycle, from mining to transportation to power generation to storage. In his video testimony, for example, Mr. Dewberry refers to a lawsuit filed by Black Warrior Riverkeeper that could have resulted in the loss of 1,000 Alabama coal jobs.