Michelle Bachmann's Positions and Statements

“I Will Shut Down The Department Of Education. I Will Shut Down The EPA. I Will Shut Down The Department Of Energy. I Will Shut Down The Department Of Interior. I Will Shut Down The Department Of Commerce.” (Republican Presidential Candidates Deliver Remarks At Iowa Faith & Freedom Dinner, Transcript, 10/22/11)

Pledged To Stop The EPA “Threats” Against The Domestic Shale Gas Industry.

Quote: “I will stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s cap-and-trade rules in their tracks, and end this “Job Killing Agency’s” threats against our rapidly growing domestic shale gas industry and the energy and manufacturing bonanza it is offering.”

(Bachmann for President, http://www.michelebachmann.com/issues/energy/, Accessed 10/5/11)

Vowed To End The Threat Of Higher Taxes Against Energy Explorers And Producers.

Quote: “And I will put a halt to the threat of higher taxes against the explorers and producers whose investments and innovations offer the best hope of bringing down prices and ensuring our energy independence.”

(Bachmann for President, http://www.michelebachmann.com/issues/energy/, Accessed 10/5/11)

Called On President Obama To “Repeal Job Killing Regulations.”

Quote: “I do agree the president should take action immediately, but it’s the following nine steps that will put us on a path to economic growth and will put Americans back to work:Number six, repeal job killing regulations.”

(Rep. Michele Bachmann, Press Conference, “Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Presidential Candidate, Holds A News Conference On President Obama’s Speech On Jobs,” 9/9/11)

Says Environmental Regulations Shouldn’t Come at Expense of Jobs

Quote: “Yes, we have clean water. Yes, we want to have clean air, but not at the expense of getting to a level where we’re going to have a job-killing policy.”

(Transcript, “Follow The Money for September 5, 2011,” 9/6/11)

Called For Eliminating The EPA.

“Bachmann was even more forceful when it came time to talk about the EPA. She called the EPA a “job killing” agency and that under her watch it would cease to exist.”

(Michele Bachmann Swings Through Florida, CBSMiami.com, 8/27/11)

Quote: We will turn out the lights and we’ll lock the doors.”

Called The EPA The “Job-Killing Organization Of America.”

Quote: “What we need to do is pass the mother of all repeal bills, but it’s the repeal bill that will get a job killing regulations. And I would begin with the EPA, because there is no other agency like the EPA. It should really be renamed the job-killing organization of America.”

(Republican Presidential Debate, Transcript, 6/13/11)