Natural Gas Hedging Works for Customers

Earlier this year, PACE reported on the importance of natural gas hedging as a tool for keeping power prices stable and affordable. With debate continuing about the role of natural gas in our country’s power generation portfolio, we think it’s timely to revisit the topic.

Last month, we asked two experts to share their views on why using natural gas makes our nation more safe and secure, and why allowing utilities to hedge natural gas purchases makes good business sense and protects consumers.

You can see a short excerpt from our conversation here:

Natural gas is now


PACE’s Brown Talks Net Metering on America’s Web Radio

On Thursday of last week, PACE Executive Director Lance Brown was one of four guests on the national web radio show, America’s Voice for Energy. The broadcast was dedicated to solar power and the public policy that affects it, a topic to which PACE has dedicated significant attention in past years. An archive of last Thursday’s broadcast is available at the link below. Brown is the first guest.

Listen to the Broadcast Here

America’s Voice for Energy is hosted by energy commentator Marita Noon, who speaks nationally on energy topics and who in the past has contributed blog content


Coal Jobs Count: Miners Fight Back in War on Coal

In recent months, PACE has continued to detail national developments in the War on Coal, from federal regulations that shut down coal-fired generation to activism that seeks to stop coal mining and transportation. These efforts have drawn strong reactions from those who work in the coal industry, with at least one organization fighting back. In the video below, Daryl Dewberry, International Vice-President of United Mine Workers District 20, shares his concerns with policy makers about what is happening in Alabama. The video is part of a new campaign from Coal Jobs Count.

Last September, PACE reported on new regulations


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown on Ohio’s Energy Future

Ohio’s U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown outlined his views on Ohio’s energy future in a video played during a “Powering our Future” forum conducted by Consumer Energy Alliance – Midwest’s in Columbus, OH on November 18, 2013.


Sessions Takes EPA to Task on War on Coal

At a coal rally today in Washington, DC, Senator Jeff Sessions took EPA to task for its regulations that threaten America’s coal industry.


Congress Concerned About President’s Energy Plan

In recent days, PACE has pointed out how the president’s recent announcement on climate action and energy are bad for American consumers and businesses. Thankfully, members of Congress who are also concerned that this plan might substantially raise energy prices are also speaking out.

In a recent letter to key energy officials in the administration, a group of Senate leaders led by Ranking Environment and Public Works Member Senator David Vitter (LA) challenged the administration’s calculations on the social cost of carbon. Vitter was joined by Senators Roy Blunt (MO), Jeff Sessions (AL), John Barrasso (WY), James Inhofe (OK), Roger


PACE Launches Seniors Partnership with Generation America

In recent days, PACE has launched a new partnership with Generation America to give seniors a real voice on energy issues. Join this fight by visiting www.PowerPetition.org and plugging into the effort.

Check out this video that describes the efforts and allows conservative seniors to weigh in on current events in energy.


Brown Talks ‘Beyond Affordable’ in Idaho

On November 27th, 2012, PACE Executive Director Lance Brown talked about PACE’s new ‘Beyond Affordable’ campaign with host Neal Larson on KID Newsradio in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Listen to the full interview below.

PACE Interview – KID Newsradio, November 27, 2012



PACE Talks Obama Energy Record on MN Public Radio

How is the president doing on energy issues? That was the topic of conversation this past Thursday, August 16th, on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Daily Circuit, which featured PACE Executive Director and EnergyBiz Insider Editor-in-Chief Ken Silverstein.

Minnesota Public Radio – Daily Circuit

The segment, called ‘A Look At Obama’s Energy Record,’ is the first of a two-part series by Minnesota Public Radio that examines the energy positions of major presidential candidates. A look at Mitt Romney’s stance on energy issues is scheduled for this week.

“This is really a discussion about what we want the future of energy in


Fox News: Crisis in Coal Country

Fox News reports on the difficulties facing West Virginia residents as they deal with threats to the coal community.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com