The Sierra Club knows that if electricity becomes expensive enough, you will use less of it. That is their solution – their only solution – to improving the environment.

That is why the Sierra Club is opposing energy projects of all kinds across the United States. They know that by making power less available, it becomes more expensive, and that taking cheaper forms of energy off the table makes everyone’s bills go up.

This process is know technically as ‘demand destruction’: the forced reduction of power use through higher pricing. The Sierra Club calls it progress. The truth is that American businesses and families can’t move forward with energy that is beyond affordable.

Higher Power Prices. Less Energy.
That’s Not a Vision for the Future.


Although nuclear power is the only form of baseload power that produces no airborne emissions or carbon dioxide, the Sierra Club has officially opposed nuclear power for almost 40 years.

“The Sierra Club opposes the licensing, construction and operation of new nuclear reactors utilizing the fission process…” – Sierra Club Board of Directors, 1974

After accepting $26 million in contributions from Chesapeake Energy,
a large holder of natural gas resources, the Sierra Club is now waging a campaign called Beyond Natural Gas in which it opposes natural gas an an energy source.

“It’s time to stop thinking of natural gas as a kinder, gentler energy source.” – Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

The Sierra Club also claims to support wind power, but opposed the installation of wind turbines in Maryland.

“The Maryland Chapter Sierra Club opposes wind energy development in protected areas such as State Parks, Natural Environmental Areas, designated and proposed state Wildlands, Wildlife Management Areas, Heritage Conservation Fund Properties, and other areas that have special scenic, natural or environmental value…” – Maryland Sierra Club

Sierra Club Says Wind Power Threatens Wildlife

Over the past 30 years, investments in environmental control technologies have greatly reduced emissions from coal-fired power, at the same time that power production is up by 50%. The result is significant reductions in major emissions: Sulfur Dioxide down 83%, Nitrogen Dioxide down 52%, and ground-level ozone down 27%.

Instead of embracing this progress, the Sierra Club is waging a campaign called Beyond Coal and actively opposing the installation of environmental controls.

Sierra Club Opposes Addition of Environmental Controls at Wyoming Coal-Fired Plants

The Sierra Club is even opposing a state-of-the-art plant in Kemper County, Mississippi, that does not utilize the coal combustion process, but, rather, gasifies coal in a process that burns cleaner than a natural gas plant.

Sierra Club Opposes State-of-the-Art Plant in Mississippi

Although they claim to support solar power, the Sierra Club actively opposed one of the nation’s largest solar power projects. The project would have been located on 7.2 square miles in the Mojave Desert in California and produced 663.5 megawatts, or about as much as a small coal-fired plant.

However, the Sierra Club opposed the Calico Solar Project because it believed it would harm desert tortoises and other animals.

Sierra Club Sues to Stop Solar Project

No Nuclear. No Coal. No Gas. No Solar. No Wind.
The Sierra Club Has No Vision for American Energy.