Natural Gas Hedging Works for Customers

Earlier this year, PACE reported on the importance of natural gas hedging as a tool for keeping power prices stable and affordable. With debate continuing about the role of natural gas in our country’s power generation portfolio, we think it’s timely to revisit the topic.

Last month, we asked two experts to share their views on why using natural gas makes our nation more safe and secure, and why allowing utilities to hedge natural gas purchases makes good business sense and protects consumers.

You can see a short excerpt from our conversation here:

Natural gas is now


PACE’s Brown Talks Net Metering on America’s Web Radio

On Thursday of last week, PACE Executive Director Lance Brown was one of four guests on the national web radio show, America’s Voice for Energy. The broadcast was dedicated to solar power and the public policy that affects it, a topic to which PACE has dedicated significant attention in past years. An archive of last Thursday’s broadcast is available at the link below. Brown is the first guest.

Listen to the Broadcast Here

America’s Voice for Energy is hosted by energy commentator Marita Noon, who speaks nationally on energy topics and who in the past has contributed blog content


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown on Ohio’s Energy Future

Ohio’s U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown outlined his views on Ohio’s energy future in a video played during a “Powering our Future” forum conducted by Consumer Energy Alliance – Midwest’s in Columbus, OH on November 18, 2013.


Brown Talks ‘Beyond Affordable’ in Idaho

On November 27th, 2012, PACE Executive Director Lance Brown talked about PACE’s new ‘Beyond Affordable’ campaign with host Neal Larson on KID Newsradio in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Listen to the full interview below.

PACE Interview – KID Newsradio, November 27, 2012



Energy for America Video Discusses Abundant American Energy Resources

Affordable energy is the lifeblood of a strong and vibrant economy, and the massive supply of available energy resources in North America means that the United States is literally sitting on the greatest hope to create jobs, revive our economy, and again lead the world in energy production. Yet recent years have been marked by increasingly onerous regulatory barriers to the promise of affordable domestic energy. Government policies have been built on flawed and static assumptions about energy resources, leading to a 40 year decline in energy production. Federal lands both onshore and offshore are locked in outdated moratoriums and


Brown Speaks to Georgia EMC

On November 14, 2011, in Atlanta, Georgia, PACE Executive Director Lance Brown spoke to the 71st Annuual meeting of the Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (EMC). Brown’s remarks were about current issues in national energy policy and the role that PACE is playing in helping to advocate for sensible policies that are fair to consumers and beneficial to the economy.

An excerpt of Brown’s presentation was included as part of the meeting’s recap below. Brown’s remarks begin at the 6:06 mark and last approximately three minutes.


Texas Public Radio Interviews PACE on EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

On Friday, September 16th, as part of a segment on the effect of EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule on local utilities, Texas Public Radio aired an interview with PACE Executive Director Lance Brown. The segment was part of a regular series called Texas Matters, hosted by David Martin Davies and Yvette Benavides.

Click below to listen to PACE’s interview on Texas Public Radio.

Texas Public Radio – PACE Interview

Recently, Texas-based Luminant announced that EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule would result in the idling of at least two of the company’s coal-fired generation units and cause the layoff of 500


PACE Exclusive Interview with NAM President Jay Timmons

As part of the release of its documentary project entitled Unplugged, PACE today has released an exclusive extended interview with Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The association is the nation’s largest industrial trade organization, representing nearly 12 million manufacturing workers and operating in all 50 states. In past years, NAM has been one of Washington, D.C.’s most influential voices on the direction of U.S. energy policy.

Mr. Timmons, who interviewed with PACE at NAM headquarters in the nation’s capital in April 2011, discusses the direction of U.S. energy and the need to


PACE Launches Documentary On U.S. Energy Policy

In an effort to bring national energy policy into focus, PACE has launched an original documentary entitled Unplugged: Reconnecting American Energy Policy With Reality.

The documentary, shot during the last year in locations across the U.S., features the perspectives of consumers, federal legislators, business leaders, energy experts, and environmentalists who are often overlooked by mainstream media coverage of energy issues.

“Unplugged is all about recalibrating and refocusing the American energy debate,” said Lance Brown, PACE Executive Director. “The people of our nation simply must know the truth about our energy options.”

Currently, the 20-minute documentary is available for viewing


EPA Admits Jobs Don't Matter

During testimony yesterday before the House Environment and the Economy Subcommittee, Mathy Stanislaus, EPA Assistant Administrator for Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, told Rep. Cory Gardner (CO) that “we have not directly taken a look at jobs” when developing new environmental rules.

During this lengthy exchange, Stanislaus admitted to Gardner that although EPA has looked at the financial cost of compliance with new rules, the agency has not calculated the impact on jobs.