Vogtle Moving Forward Is Positive Step

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August 30, 2017
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September 4, 2017

Earlier today, Southern Company announced it will continue to build nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle in Georgia, reinforcing its support of nuclear power. PACE has consistently supported new reactors at Plant Vogtle, as part of a larger effort to advance the U.S. nuclear fleet.

Southern Company;s decision is an important one, as it comes at a time when other states are abandoning their own new nuclear efforts. Nuclear power is an important resource in generating reliable and affordable electricity, particularly as utilities nationwide work toward a lower-carbon future. That makes Vogtle an important project that benefits not only Georgia ratepayers, but our country as a whole.

Affordable, reliable, and stable electricity is a hallmark of power in the Southeast and specifically in Georgia. That is why PACE continues to support existing nuclear units and the construction of new ones. Nuclear power means decades of stable rates and affordable electricity for families and businesses.

Despite financial difficulties, Plant Vogtle’s long-term goals of providing affordable, clean, carbon-free energy to the ratepayers of Georgia are still very much in place and reachable. And because nuclear energy is zero-carbon energy, completing Plant Vogtle will help Georgia meet its future carbon emission goals.

Just as important, the decision to move forward with this project means the United States will not abdicate its world leadership in the field of nuclear energy. Russia and China are forging ahead in this field, with China poised to exceed our own nuclear output in the next 13 years. It is in our interest to continue to build, innovate, create and set the standards for the world to follow.

While there is sure to be criticism about this decision, Georgia Power seems to be doing what its customers have asked them to do: use an energy mix of coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar, and other alternative sources to offer reliable energy at competitive prices, all while moving toward a cleaner future.