A Record-Setting Summer in Texas

Many eyes are on Texas this summer. Some are watching the Houston Astros to see if a repeat of the 2017 season is possible; currently they are leading the American League West by 6 games and occupy the number 2 spot in USA Today’s Power Rankings. I cannot report similar good news for the Atlanta Braves, although hope springs eternal.

However, those lucky enough to have a professional or avocational (yes, that is a word) connection to the energy industry are collecting a different set of stats by following the state’s roller coaster of summer peak temperatures and power prices.


Texas Wind Power Is Not So Powerful

This week, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which regulates the flow of electricity to 21 million consumers in the state, released some startling data about Texas’s power usage and the role of wind.

What did we learn?

We learned that wind power is simply not a reliable source of energy – even in a state like Texas, which has spent more money on wind electricity generation than any other state in the country.

Texas is capable of producing 9,317 megawatts of electricity from their wind turbines. Using the American Wind Energy Association’s calculations, Texas has invested billions into